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74% of Test Automation fails

Why not increase your probability of success?

Opus transforms the Test Automation Lifecycle into a business driven non-tech centric operation, opening new ways of implementation.

A recent survey by an Australian firm, K.J.Ross & Associates, revealed that 74% of the Test Automation has failed.

Current tool adoption (Australia)

In a survey conducted by K.J. Ross & Associates in 2010 found that:

  • 26% Success (Partial)
    19% good benefits
    7% using tools but not anticipated ROI
  • 74% Failure
    35% don’t have skills to adopt or maintain
    14% automation just an added burden, no time
    12% tools abandoned – too much maintenance
    10% tools bought, no resources to adopt
    3% no budget to buy or adopt tools

Source: www.kjross.com.au

Net Magnus is pioneering automated testing by using its state-of-the-art proprietary Test Automation Enabler - 'OPUS'. It significantly reduces the probability of failure as it directly addresses the reasons why Test Automation fails.

How do we increase the probability of Test Automation success?

  • OPUS is Functional Test Automation Tool agnostic, non-tech centric and domain/platform independent. This virtually eliminates technical dependencies- critical bottleneck for failure
  • OPUS driven test automation solution is code free, simple and accelerated, cutting down on effort and time
  • Test Automation with OPUS ensures that maintenance is process-driven and light
  • There is no need to spend on expensive proprietary FTATs as OPUS works well with freeware and open source tools


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