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Online real time dashboard for updated information on various phases of testing?

CTP provides a customisable Dashboard that gives a glimpse at where the project is at in the Test Lifecycle, Online, real-time.

One of the most important features of a good QMS is to provide a window to view project events, statistics, activities, and KPIs. Dashboard occupies the pride of place in any reporting system and CTP is no exception.

What’s the use of dashboards?

Dashboards allow users and reviewers to have a quick view of the project testing progress. When real time dashboards are not available users will not be able to judge where they are in the testing lifecycle process. This can lead to untimely deliverables and lag in project delivery. Online real time reports are required to plan efficiently, refine processes, track delivery and assess quality effectively.

Dashboards in CTP:

  • Provide online real-time information end-to-end from Requirements to defects/issues of the Test Lifecycle.
  • Generate enterprise-wide quality reports for comparative analysis of testing projects and determining the efficiency of the processes & the resources deployed.
  • Provide the capability to measure the quality of the application under test through industry standard test metrics and KPIs.
  • Offer the users the ability to configure their own metrics and KPIs, ability to drill down on specific parameters and track online events as they happen.

CTP has a powerful and versatile multi-project landing page which displays operational and analytical reports that facilitate stakeholders to track and control multiple projects at the same time. CTP offers extensive options to produce incisive multi-dimensional reports to reveal quality aspects of the application under test.



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