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Test Automation objective defined …which track to take?

If you are starting afresh or taking a re-look at test automation, there are many decisions to make.

Once you decide on Test Automation, there are many tracks that lead to nowhere! OPUS driven Test Automation solution is well traversed, proven and myth busting. You will get to your destination safe

So, what is good automation?

A good automated solution should:

  • Run across distributed network /platforms/applications (GUI/non-GUI)
  • Run with multiple tools (proprietary, open source, freeware)
  • Be interoperable between Functional Test Automation Tools (FTATs) & Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Be process based
  • Be measurable
  • Demonstrate ROI

An OPUS driven solution, why is that any different?

OPUS is engineered to be a Next Generation Test Automation product closely aligned with industry standard best practices and has many of the ‘good to have’ features built-in as standard such as:

  • Eliminates Design and Development
  • Functional Test Automation Tool (FTAT) agnostic
  • Domain agnostic and follows industry standard test automation process (ATLM)
  • Works with GUI / Non -GUI applications across platforms
  • Plug & Play with Freeware / Open source / industry standard FTATs & QMS
  • Reverse Engineers Business Processes automatically
  • Uses multiple test configurations across multiple platforms
  • Multiple levels of Data Security


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