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Introduce Middleware Testing?

Middleware Testing when done right can save inefficiencies and heartburn

A failure in the Middleware could affect businesses severely and cost of compensating the failure is usually significant in terms of revenue and customer satisfaction. Hence, it is highly critical to test Middleware in a focused manner.

Focused Middleware testing brings in value additions like

  • increased efficiency
  • earlier defect detection in the test life cycle
  • enhanced testing depth
  • improved test maturity
  • alignment to Industry Standards

And generally a more robust & resilient application landscape.

Common Bottlenecks in Middleware Testing:

  • Complexities in data transformation and multiple orchestrations make middleware testing laborious
  • Criticality of business processes in enterprise systems poses a risk by way of system vulnerabilities and security
  • Middleware system requirements are complex and often incomplete
  • Changing enterprise application environment adds to the complexity of Middleware testing
  • High cost of development, testing and system upgrades

Net Magnus firmly believes that the introduction of Middleware testing is a step in the right direction and the slight increase in test life cycle time and effort is outweighed by the benefits of Middleware testing.



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