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Stuck in the Past-Still programming to automate your testing?

If your test automation is about programming (frameworks or not) …its time to think again!

With high failure rates of Test Automation pointing to ‘technical dependencies’, running a Test Automation practice/solution with exclusive dependency on programming resources is bound to fail.

What are the key risks associated in Automation Testing?

  • Technically skilled resources are required which increases the cost.
  • Unstructured automation can result in high maintenance.
  • Test Automation tools can be expensive and mostly end up as shelf-ware due to a variety of reasons including technical dependencies, high maintenance, tool complexity and unsustainable processes.

Did you consider the common myths about Test Automation?

  • One test tool fits all
  • Immediate reduction in test effort and timelines
  • Ease of use of automation tool
  • Universal application of automated testing
  • 100% test coverage

With OPUS, you do not have to program! OPUS accelerates test automation by driving industry standard proprietary/freeware/open source FTATs and readily integrates into Quality Management Systems. With its cross platform-tool agnostic capability, an OPUS driven solution can be used for an enterprise-wide application portfolio test automation.



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