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How focused is your Middleware Testing?

Focused Middleware Testing enhances the reliability and robustness of the Middleware backbone.

When an issue impacts the middleware layer in production, it is generally a race against time. The absence of focused Middleware Testing in the test life cycle leaves a significant gap in test coverage related to the middleware layer and could lead to critical issues in production.

To avoid such risks, Net Magnus proposes a test lifecycle including focused Middleware Testing. A practice that is non-focused, will most likely deliver an unpredictable Middleware. Some of the common problems with Non-focused middleware testing are given below:

  • Middleware defects identified in later phases of test, making it more expensive to fix
  • Request/Response mismatch not detected when service transports are reused by multiple up/downstream systems, since interface specifications are rarely validated.
  • Detailed definition of middleware layer absent or untested leading to incorrect response being send to upstream systems, potentially impacting functionality... leading to revenues losses (applicable to revenue bearing services).
  • Most often, incorrect middleware configuration is deployed in production when subsequent patches or builds are deployed leading to serious transaction failure.

To avoid such risks, Net Magnus proposes a test lifecycle including focused Middleware Testing. Detailed validations and verifications to confirm mapping, transformation, validation, rules and service orchestration, which are an integral parts of middleware testing are usually exhaustive. And, an enterprise Middleware has multiple layers and numerous end points, making testing most complex and cumbersome. Focused middleware testing is engineered around the numerous validations and verifications for every single service transport end to end and within, across all layers.



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