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Ahoy! All aboard the Test Automation ROI streamliner that leaves from Pier 5?

Is ROI in Test Automation a myth? Possibly due to innumerable failures!

ROI is achievable with the right strategy, approach and a plan. A proper understanding of the dos and don’ts of Test Automation is a must.

A robust, simple, and long term approach to Test Automation that is sustainable can deliver ROI.

What is ROI in Test Automation?

The investments in Test Automation include costs of FTAT, hardware and software environment, technical resources, and time and effort spent on installing, implementing, and maintaining the tools and test assets. These investments can be very high. When test Automation is done right, is repeatable and reusable, the returns are high. This can be done with OPUS, the Net Magnus engineered Test Automation solution.

How do we increase ROI?

  • By reducing Time –e.g. reduce test execution cycle time
  • By reducing Cost –e.g. reduce overall testing efforts
  • By improving Quality –e.g. improve overall application quality

Effort and cost reduction can be computed against actual and projected to arrive at ROI success and accuracy factors.

With an OPUS driven solution, the probability of success is significantly higher. OPUS has many built-in capabilities that are borne out of research for almost a decade, that help you achieve industry best practices and has consistently delivered successful ROI centric solutions.



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