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Do your existing Quality Management Systems (QMS) and processes align with the organisational objectives?

A Test Management function not aligned to Organisational Objectives is bound to fall apart.

Quality standards and processes defined/implemented through a practice or a Center of Excellence (CoE) has to be closely aligned with the organisational objectives. Standards and processes laid down have to be achieved to meet quality objectives.

Having a Quality Management System and aided Test processes with the right tools can greatly facilitate the ability to comply with organisational objectives.

Why should a QMS and testing processes be aligned to organisational objectives?

Quality Management Systems are built to strengthen the testing quality and timely delivery of projects. Using a QMS reduces the risk of straying away from quality goals and standards. Not having a QMS can lead to the following pitfalls:

  • gaps in creation of test requirements
  • inefficient tracking of requirements coverage
  • unorganized test planning
  • lack of transparency in test evidence
  • inability in tracking dis/joint incidences, defects & risks

How does Net Magnus Common Test Platform (CTP) help in this alignment?

CTP is an enterprise Test Lifecycle Management system that facilitates compliance to organizational objectives. CTP brings in structure to testing projects that enables process owners to streamline and manage the whole range of test processes to ensure quality and timely deliveries.



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