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A single information repository for all test assets?

Managing your test lifecycle is the prime benefit of using CTP.

CTP allows users to maintain their test assets right from Business Requirements, Test Cases, Test Results, Defects, Issues, and Project Queries, all in one place.

Why should all test assets be stored in one place?

Not having a quality management system or a centralised repository of test assets can lead to loss of control, increased cost, mismanagement of testing and inability to structure & standardise test lifecycle processes. Some of the common problems faced when test assets are not stored centrally and cannot be accessed by mutually dependent testers are:

  • Redundancy in testing process, test assets creation & maintenance
  • Duplication, wastage of effort, time and technical resources
  • Inability to track test workflow
  • Loss of control of test process and assets management
  • Risk of non-alignment, non-delivery and non-completion of testing

How does CTP help in maintaining test assets?

Common Test Platform (CTP) is a quality management system that helps you manage your test processes more efficiently. CTP is also a collaborative platform to create and share Test Project Assets and maintain them in centralised data stores.

CTP is a great asset in a test environment where the user stores Requirements, creates test cases, executes Test sets and records results on the intuitive interfaces available. What's more, the system also enables users to run tests and record evidence quickly and efficiently.

CTP offers the ability to share test assets and gives an insight into the progress of Testing cycle. A test project work-flow and stage of completion can be determined by testers and their reviewers.


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